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Your Creative

Hotpot helps you create amazing graphics, pictures, and writing. AI tools like AI Art Generator spark creativity and automate drudgery while easy-to-edit templates empower anyone to create device mockups, social media posts, marketing images, app icons, and other work graphics.

AI Tools


AI art maker: turn imagination into art. Create AI art and NFT art with our AI image generator, which produces art from text you provide.

Turn imagination to art

AI Headshot Generator: reimagine yourself with AI. Create headshots and glamour shots of yourself in any style or scene imaginable.

Reimagine yourself with AI

Upscale photos, art, game assets, and other graphics with incredible quality. Our photo upscaler uses AI to increase image resolution and optimizes for people, products, and art.

Upscale photos and art

Remove the background from images with AI in seconds. Our AI is tuned to recognize products and people, automatically erasing the background. Hotpot helps e-commerce stores, marketing agencies, and other organizations automate background removal.

Remove backgrounds

Erase people, stray hairs, animals, and other unwated parts from an image. Our AI works in seconds and makes it easy to clean up selfies, portraits, vacation pictures, and other types of photos.

Remove objects

Use the latest AI technology as your personal copywriter. Our AI helps you conquer writer's block and create compelling stories, product descriptions, Google ads, Facebook ads, app taglines, and even product names.

Outsource writing tasks

Colorize pictures with AI. Turn black and white photos to color in seconds.

Colorize old photos

Personalize art with AI. Use AI to create personalized art in seconds. From artistic self-portraits to elegant pet paintings to amazing landscape drawings, use AI as your personal painter who can turn pictures and photos into customized and captivating art.

Personalize art

Restore pictures in seconds with AI. Automatically remove scratches, sharpen colors, and enhance faces, transforming tattered pictures into cherished memories. The service also works on modern images with faded colors or damaged parts.

Restore damaged pictures

Enhance faces: retouch, remaster, and repair faces from AI image generators or old photos

Enhance faces



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